About Me


Welcome! I am a research scientist largely focused on survey research methods, data science, and research-on-research at Facebook. I received my Ph.D. from the Stanford University Department of Communication and prior to Stanford I completed a Master’s of Science in Survey Methodology at the University of Michigan and a liberal arts Bachelor’s of Science at Calvin College. My substantive research focuses on understanding social phenomena, including political communication, political psychology, and public opinion. A key question that I examine in my research is how people interpret and use data about public opinion, presented by the news media, to inform their own attitudes and behaviors.

Some of my past research projects include:

  • Methods of improving self-report data quality
  • How aesthetic decisions of survey platform design influence survey data
  • The ways public opinion information in the news media shapes attitudes and behaviors
  • Sources of accuracy and error when identifying likely voters in pre-election polls
  • Methods for improving survey response rates and data quality

I have extensive experience in industry and government. Since 2018 I have been a Research Scientist on the Demography & Survey Science team at Facebook. Prior to that I spent 3.5 years as Principal Research Scientist and Head of the Methodology Lab at Qualtrics, a global leader in web survey software.  In 2010, during the decennial census, I was a Research Social Science Analyst at the U.S. Census Bureau in the Statistical Research Division. From 2007-2009, I worked as a Research Associate at The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan where I assisted with creating and branding an academic publishing operation (WDI Publishing) where I also wrote and published business case studies. More recently, I have presented research design recommendations and insights for non-profit organizations, academic institutions, security agencies of the U.S. Government, private consulting firms, and federal government contractors.

My edited volume ‘The Palgrave Handbook of Survey Research‘ has recently been published in 2018 and my empirical work has previously appeared in three book chapters, publications such as the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A, the Joint Statistical Meetings Proceedings, and multiple published business case-studies. See my curriculum vitae page for a comprehensive summary of my work.

Portfolio to Professoriate

Thanks to Wende Garrison, Helen Chen, and the Stanford Registrar’s office for providing the framework and impetus to get me creating this website! I’m happy to be participating in the pilot program for this new and exciting opportunity that Stanford is creating for PhD students that are targeting an academic career path. I’d love to … Continue reading